I Tried Cycling for the First Time

I tried cycling for the first time! You know, the “Soul Cycle” phenomena that has overtaken big cities like Los Angeles and New York City? I tried that, except it wasn’t Soul Cycle, it was a just regular cycling class at my gym. But don’t let that fool you – it was intense! I had been meaning to try this cycling class for weeks but … Continue reading I Tried Cycling for the First Time

Top 5 Things To Do in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is one of my favorite places in America! I love it so much that I moved back here after graduation, and I want to share one of my favorite cities with my fellow bloggers and web searchers! Here are a ~few~ things that I think is exceptionally fun in Houston, Texas! 1) Immerse yourself in history at Space Center Houston and NASA Johnson … Continue reading Top 5 Things To Do in Houston, Texas

Tips for Getting Tattooed

I’ve gotten three tattoos at various locations on my body and of varying sizes, so here are some tips that I’ve learned when getting tattooed: Pre-Tattooing Choose your favorite artist, and make sure that you really like their art. I found my artist and followed her and her art for two years before getting my first tattoo. I think that it’s important to trust your … Continue reading Tips for Getting Tattooed

What I’ve Learned After 4 Years in College

I am currently a senior in college, graduating from the University of Arizona in a few short days. After four years at my university, here is what I’ve learned in college: In college, everyone is a mess. Coming in as a freshman, everything about starting college is so new and exciting. There is a world of possibility! It’s overwhelming, shocking and exhausting. As a senior, … Continue reading What I’ve Learned After 4 Years in College

My Favorite Things to do in Oceanside, California

Happy spring break!! It’s that time of the year again when all of us students are travelling to the beach and enjoying the (brief) break from classes. Oceanside, California, is honestly one of my favorite places in the world. In middle and high school, it was my absolute number one favorite place, especially to visit for spring break. Since then, I’ve traveled quite a bit … Continue reading My Favorite Things to do in Oceanside, California

Mt. Wilson Observatory, California

My work at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory took me on an unexpected trip to Mount Wilson, California. Mt. Wilson is a 100+ year old observatory about 35 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles in the Angeles National Forest. It’s a beautiful 1.5 hour drive and there are also hikes that lead visitors through the observatory. Mt. Wilson is often overlooked by travelers hoping … Continue reading Mt. Wilson Observatory, California