All Fun & No Work in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of my top favorite places I’ve ever traveled to… like, ever. I can’t say that about many places, and I continue to go back and enjoy my time there. In fact, I plan on making another trip again soon (look out for that post!). New Orleans is located in the far southeast of Louisiana, where the Mississippi River spits out into … Continue reading All Fun & No Work in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mt. Wilson Observatory, California

My work at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory took me on an unexpected trip to Mount Wilson, California. Mt. Wilson is a 100+ year old observatory about 35 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles in the Angeles National Forest. It’s a beautiful 1.5 hour drive and there are also hikes that lead visitors through the observatory. Mt. Wilson is often overlooked by travelers hoping … Continue reading Mt. Wilson Observatory, California