I Tried Yoga for the First Time

So, like when I wrote about trying Zumba for the “first time”… this wasn’t exactly my first time trying yoga. I’ve only gone to around two in-person yoga classes a few years ago, but I used to follow online YouTube yoga channels. However, this was my first time trying yoga in a very long time and in this new studio. I enjoy group fitness classes … Continue reading I Tried Yoga for the First Time

Tips for Getting Tattooed

I’ve gotten three tattoos at various locations on my body and of varying sizes, so here are some tips that I’ve learned when getting tattooed: Pre-Tattooing Choose your favorite artist, and make sure that you really like their art. I found my artist and followed her and her art for two years before getting my first tattoo. I think that it’s important to trust your … Continue reading Tips for Getting Tattooed