7 Things I Love About My University

I am currently a senior at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Ariz., studying science journalism and environmental studies. Over the past four years, I have grown to appreciate and adore my university. Why? For several reasons, but here are just a few of many. This is why I love my university… 1) It’s in my hometown, Tucson. I use the term “hometown” loosely because … Continue reading 7 Things I Love About My University

Backpacking at Dinkey Lakes

One thing that I’m sure many people don’t know or expect from me is that I adore backpacking. I’ve only ever been a few times, but one of my favorite places to backpack is Dinkey Lakes in California. Dinkey Lakes is about 200 miles straight east of San Jose, California, in theΒ Sierra National Forest. It’s closer to Fresno, CA, and is right in between Yosemite … Continue reading Backpacking at Dinkey Lakes

Why Having a Puppy is Worth It.

Appreciation post for my puppy and everyone lucky enough to have a puppy in their life ❀ Raising a dog is a lot of work. They demand your attention 95% of the time, and the remaining 5% is only when they’re sleeping. Generally, you can’t even go to the bathroom without them following you into the room or having them paw at the door. But … Continue reading Why Having a Puppy is Worth It.