Published Work

Redwire Space

Jacksonville, Florida

Social Media Manager

NASA Headquarters

Houston, Texas

Digital Media Team

NASA Johnson Space Center

Houston, Texas

Human Research Program

Supporting the NASA Human Research Program Investigator’s Workshop in Galveston Texas, which is a conference where HRP scientists from around the country come to present their research.


Arizona Public Media

Tucson, Arizona

Arizona Sonora News

Tucson, Arizona

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Greenbelt, Maryland

Hubble Space Telescope

Active Galactic Videos

Tucson, Arizona

“Dendrochronology and Astronomy”

NASA Johnson Space Center

Houston, Texas

Astromaterials Division

Safety Division

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“Life with Harvey” series of stories, post-Hurricane Harvey.
JSC Roundup Reads
NASA portrait
Official NASA intern portrait (Fall ’17)