Multimedia Examples

This page features many of the multimedia projects that I have produced throughout my schooling at the University of Arizona.

NASA Hubble

Featured here is a video celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope’s 28th Anniversary, which I produced in the spring of 2018. It was published on all of Hubble’s social media and reshared by thousands of people, including the main NASA Headquarters accounts (which have millions of followers). It has also been published on YouTube on NASA Goddard’s account, linked here:

Also with NASA Hubble, I produced short text-on-screen videos, which have been published on Hubble’s social media. See one featured on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Journalism 307

In the fall of 2018, I am completing a multimedia class from the University of Arizona with Professor Kim Newton. As I complete my projects I will add them here, or you can check this link to go to my other website specifically designed for that class.

Light Pollution in Tucson

For my final project, I met with astronomers and engineers to discuss the current status of light pollution in Tucson, Ariz., and how this light pollution impacts astronomical observing at local telescopes.

Life at Tumamoc Hill

VOX POP: “Why is it important to conserve water in the desert and how can we, as private citizens, help conserve water?”

Work-In-Progress Trailer: Light Pollution in Tucson