Resume Experience

Professional Experience

Social Media & Content Lead | Communications Specialist (Nov. 2020 – Present)

         Redwire Space, Jacksonville, FL

  • Manage social media accounts for Redwire Space, Made In Space, Deep Space Systems, Adcole Space, Roccor, LoadPath companies.
  • Manage and edit Redwire Space and Made In Space websites.
  • Pitch and write stories for Redwire corporate site via
  • Photograph Redwire events for website and social media.

PR + Social Media Specialist (July 2019 – Nov. 2020)

NASA / Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

  • Write social media posts for the Human Research Program (HRP), which are published on the NASA Johnson Space Center and International Space Station social media accounts.
  • Produce education and outreach materials for HRP via
  • Pitch and write stories on HRP research via

Reporter (Jan. – May 2019)

Arizona Sonora News Service (now renamed “El Inde”) / University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Pitch news stories.
  • Write my own news stories, including headline, tagline, social media and web content.
  • Gather my own photography for the story, edit photos, post on website.
  • Work samples: Search “Emmalee Mauldin” on or head to my Published Works page

Radio News Intern (Jan. – May 2019)

Arizona Public Media / National Public Radio / University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Pitch news stories.
  • Shadow AZPM during radio interviews and conduct my own interviews.
  • Gain radio recording skills in and out of a studio environment (wrap, cut-and-copy, sound bites).
  • Write my own news stories, including headline, tagline, social media and web content.
  • Edit together audio using Adobe Audition.
  • Work samples: Search “Emmalee Mauldin” on or head to my Published Works page

Student Science Journalist (Jan. 2017 – May 2019)

Steward Observatory / University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Contribute to video scripts and video making for Active Galactic Video’s YouTube channel
  • Promote and post on various social media outlets for the Active Galactic Videos
  • Interview and develop stories about scientists and up-and-coming researchers around the university campus to promote diversity in STEM
  • Report and write about new and exciting scientific findings in the news to post on educational sites run by the observatory
  • Check out Active Galactic Videos on YouTube to watch some of our videos!

Social Media + Public Communications Intern (Jan. – Aug. 2018)

NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

  • Working on social media and science communications for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
  • Analyzed statistics for HST social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) to determine which posts perform the best
  • Developed a calendar of potential post for HST accounts
  • Researched and wrote articles published on HST’s Messier Catalog and placards for HST servicing mission tools, now displayed in the HST Control Center at Goddard
  • Worked full-time while taking part-time classes online

Communications Intern (Aug. – Dec. 2017)

NASA / Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

  • Worked in the Safety and Mission Assurance Division as a communications + writing intern.
  • After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August 2017, the community needed someone to document the stories of the heroes of the hurricane – and they chose me. I wrote 10 articles in total.
    • I split my stories by the various divisions at JSC directly affected by Harvey, such as Astromaterials, Mission Control, and James Webb Space Telescope vacuum chamber testing, as well as 6 others. This series was near and dear to my heart because I was flooded out of my home when I interned there, completing the series with its 10th story – my story.
    • Since I was in the Safety division, I also documented “Lessons Learned” from Harvey. 
  • I interviewed nearly 20 NASA employees throughout the center to learn about their different experiences and documented them in the articles.
  • These articles are only available for viewing internally at NASA due to the sensitive nature of the stories.

Science Engagement Intern (June – Aug. 2017)

NASA / Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

  • Worked in the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) division with the Meteorite Sample Disk Program to help with outreach and communication
  • Designed posters about meteorites and developed a tabletop STEM activity for students in the classroom, then tested material in local libraries for feedback
  • Interviewed ARES scientists and developed a video about meteorite research and ARES
  • Assisted with ARES outreach events and tours of the ARES building and research labs

Other Work Experience

Barista (Aug. 2015 – Dec. 2016)

Starbucks Co. / University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Mastered making all drinks on Starbucks menu
  • Communicated with fellow baristas and leads to keep store operation and positive atmosphere
  • Thrived in high-pressure environment while maintaining quality customer service and a smile
  • Work an average of 25 hours per week while maintaining full-time double-major student credentials

High School Intern (Oct. 2014)

NASA / University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

  • Completed a week-long internship with the OCAMS Systems (of the OSIRIS-REx program) based at the University of Arizona
  • Assisted engineers in technical work, such as working hands-on with the SamCam flight system and constructing mock tests for the cameras
  • Lead group activities and presented at local high schools on the OSIRIS-REx program

Community Involvement

  • ALS Association (2011 – 2016)
    • Biannual event helper in support of research for Lou Gehrig’s disease
      • Set up and tore down events; managed attendees; assisted event staff
  • Pima County Library (2014)
    • Five month long program as a teen volunteer
      • Assisted librarians shelve books and designed wall displays for library’s “Teen Center”
  • Humane Society of Southern Arizona (2014)
    • Over three month period, weekly dog walker and caretaker for canines and felines


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