Hello and welcome!

I’m just a twenty-something-year-old with a desire to write about my experiences and how I see the world. In my blog, the main subject areas I focus on are “Travel,” “Science,” and “Life,” which you can find in the drop-down portion of the menu. I have a passion for each of these three subjects, and hopefully you’ll find that we have similar passions!

Travel includes all of my most noteworthy and latest travel adventures! I love travelling and experiencing new places, so the “Travel” tab is where you can find updates on my newest adventures — I have some fun trips in the works so be sure to check it out.

Want to know more about science and science news? My “Science” tab is where you can find my notices on the latest scientific news, and some of the favorite science stories I’ve written. You can also find information about becoming a science journalist, as well as working for NASA and getting NASA internships. I have a passion for space and science and by no means am an expert, so please keep that in mind! Check back in for my most recent posts about science in the news!

The “Life” tab is dedicated to all of the miscellaneous information about my life. Featured here may be my makeup favorites, current workout routine, most recent book review, discussion about anxiety and depression, life as a big sister — and much more! I am by no means an expert in any of these fields, so please keep that in mind! If you want more, check back in for the most recent updates about my personal life.