A walk in the park at Pella Crossing in Longmont, Colorado

On a recent trip to Colorado, I visited a local park and walking spot called “Pella Crossing.” It’s a local park with trails, fishing and picnic spots that was highly rated when I looked up places to visit.

Pella Crossing is located about six miles outside of downtown Longmont, Colorado, which is north of Denver and northeast of Boulder. It’s a cute little spot for families and urban outdoorsy people (I saw “urban” because I feel like since it’s in Colorado, most people wouldn’t visit this place, they’d go to the mountains). Regardless, it was a nice spot for an evening stroll, and it’s free to visit.

There are a few miles of trails that loop around a series of ponds, which you might be able to see in the map above. It’s nice and flat if you’re not wanting elevation, but there’s a beautiful view of the nearby mountains. I believe that you can also kayak or canoe in the ponds, if you enjoy that.

I walked about 2 miles around the ponds and it would’ve been really nice… if I hadn’t been eaten alive by gnats and mosquitoes. I swear, they were swarming so much that they gave the bugs in Florida a run for their money (although, the bugs in Florida are still much larger and more annoying)! It also must’ve been bunny season during my visit because there were so many bunnies running around, it was so adorable!

Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend Pella Crossing as a “must visit” on your list but if you’re local and/or want a nice stroll in nature but not have to travel far, it might be a good spot for you.


Thank you for reading! Have you visited Pella Crossing? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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