The 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia

This year is the 21st year since the September 11, 2001, attacks and today I’d like to take a moment of reflection for those who lost their lives and what it means to our country. While I was very young, I still remember glimpses of that day in my childish memory.

A few years ago, I visited the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. It’s a very somber and reflective place that I spent a few hours photographing and sitting in reflective silence. To be honest, I remember nearly crying during my visit and it’s difficult to go through those photos.

The memorial is located just outside the Pentagon and is free to visit, 365 days a year. It’s not a huge memorial and will only take an hour or two to walk through, but it’s a beautiful place to take a moment of silence, remember those who lost their lives, and tuck them away into your hearts.

The Pentagon Memorial website says,

“The events of September 11, 2001 are forever etched into the hearts and souls of the family members and loved ones of those who died, our nation, and the world. The United States experienced the worst incident of terrorism in its history; the coordinated hijacking of four commercial planes, the planned attack on symbolic targets, and the murder of innocent people were all tragic and shocking events. The extraordinary responses of individuals to the challenges they faced are inspiring and worthy of remembrance.”

As you may have seen, the memorial is comprised of rows and rows of benches nestled under trees. There is a bench for each person who lost their life at the Pentagon that day, and their names are inscribed on the edges of the benches.

It’s a truly beautiful and peaceful place, so if you have a moment and are in the area, please take a moment and pay your respects.


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