Finding Peace at Jacksonville Beach in Jacksonville, Florida

This is honestly just an appreciation post for Jacksonville Beach.

Despite it being the “chillier” months, we’ve had a few gorgeous days here in Florida. In case you didn’t know, Jacksonville is actually one of the coldest cities in Florida. We’re about 5-10 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than Orlando, and even more so the further south you go. Our coldest months are January through the beginning of March, but we can get a few randomly warm days that I can sneak off to the beach.

But, is there ever really a bad time to go to the beach? Even if it’s not a great “beach day,” it’s always nice to make a beach visit. The water is absolutely freezing at this time of year so I probably wouldn’t plan to go in the water, but you can lay out on the sand or take a walk.

Sunrise or sunset are my favorite times to visit (usually sunset, I’m not a morning person) because the colors in the sky are incredible. It’s also lovely to take a nighttime stroll on the beach when there’s a full moon out. As a young single lady, I feel comfortable walking out at night but I understand that some may not.

Local tip: The best spots to visit Jax Beach are just south of the downtown area, near the Oceanfront Park and further south beyond that. If you go to the hot spot near the pier and downtown area, the beach is a lot more populated and there’s a lot more trash. Nearly every time I make it up that far north, I usually spend a few minutes cleaning up trash. But towards the south, there’s a lot more space and the beach cleans up.

Parking throughout Jax Beach is free and there are a few shops, restaurants and hotels for visitors.

Jax Beach has become a haven for me and I visit as often as I can (which is a lot during the warmer months!). If you’re new to the area or just visiting, spend a few hours relaxing at the beach. It helps cleanse the mind and soul.


Thank you for reading! Do you feel at peace at the beach too? Have you ever been to Jax Beach? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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