The biggest rocket in the world: NASA’s Space Launch System in Cape Canaveral, Florida

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the Space Launch System or “SLS” was recently fully assembled – and I got a sneak peek!

The SLS has been developed for NASA’s Artemis program and is the most powerful rocket EVER built. A “super-heavy-lift launch vehicle that provides the foundation for human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit,” according to NASA.

It’s taken a while for this rocket to be built and “fully assembled” – like years. But with the first uncrewed Artemis mission coming up in early 2022, called Artemis-1, it was finally time to get SLS ready for launch.

The SLS fully stacked

The SLS was assembled and currently lives in the Vehicle Assembly Building, or VAB, at Kennedy Space Center. This building was also home to the Apollo spacecraft and Space Shuttle, and each of their rockets. It has a legacy of rocket construction and is a U.S. national landmark. It is also one of the biggest buildings in the entire world!

NASA will soon remove all of the scaffolding from the rocket and we’ll finally get a full look at the rocket that will launch the first woman and next man back to the Moon.

I’m so lucky that I got to experience such a historic moment in aerospace.


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