Just a Check-In.


How are you?

I just wanted to take a moment to check-in with you and see how you’re feeling. Take a break from my stories of outdoor Florida adventures. I apologize that my content hasn’t been very diverse recently – with my new job, travel restrictions and the pandemic, I’ve been staying close to home in my new state. Hopefully I can find some more diverse content for you soon. I know that my followership is still small, but I value each and every one of you for being here, following my journey and engaging with me, and I wanted to take a moment to check-in.

Check in with yourself.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

I’ve actually gotten into yoga and meditation a lot more recently and it’s helped me remain aware of my physical, mental and emotional health. Once a day – when you wake up, before bed, before or during work – take a moment for yourself. Spend a few minutes just concentrating on your breath, nothing else. Count to 8 seconds breathing in, pause, release for 8 seconds out. I know that it sounds silly, but it really does help.

We’re living in a crazy time. It’s stressful. It’s depressing. Some days I feel so overwhelmed that it takes everything in me to get out of bed, eat and work for just a few hours. But, please, remember to eat – drink water – take vitamins – go for a walk – shower (or take a calming bath) – and then repeat.

Who knows what 2021 holds, but we’ll get through it the same way that we got through 2020. Maybe a little battered and bruised, but still whole. Last year seems like a crazy dream, right? We all made mistakes but we can bounce back and learn from them.

I hope that you try to make the most of 2021. I know that we’re already in its second month, but there’s always tomorrow – a new day to start fresh.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You got this.