A Day in the Life: Quarantine Edition

What a crazy world we live in right now. Like many people around the world, I’m currently teleworking from home and social distancing. I’m so lucky to still have my job and be able to telework and stay home all day. I think about that a lot. For the sake of where society is right now, I’d like to write about what a “day in my life” looks like right now. It’s definitely more boring than it normally would be if we weren’t quarantining since I’m home all day, and no two days actually look the same. This happens to be what a typical Monday looks like for me.

8:30am – Time to wake up, drink my coffee and eat breakfast. I shut down my work laptop on the weekends, so I need to turn on my laptop and it always takes several minutes for it to boot up.

9am – First work meeting with my team and management.

10:30am – Second work meeting with my coworkers. We have daily chats so that we can all get some facetime with one another and keep in touch. I live alone, so I find these video chats very valuable for my sanity.

11:45am – Time for lunch! My favorite lunchtime meal is making tacos. They’re sooo delicious.

12:30pm – Back to work. I may have a few miscellaneous meetings throughout the day to discuss various projects.

4pm – It’s usually time for a snack at about 4pm. I like to have a snack at about 4pm because it gives me a boost of energy for my workout, which I do after working.

5pm – “Clock-out!” At about 5pm, I close my laptop and am done working for the day.

5:05pm – Time to feed my cat, Fred, and check on my plants. I might check on my plants earlier in the day if I need a break, but every day I travel around my apartment and check my houseplants for pests and if they need watering. It’s very relaxing and I love taking care of my plants.

5:30pm – At about 5:30pm, I usually start my workout. The workout varies depending on the day or what I think I need. Sometimes I’ll work arm day, sometimes it’s leg day, or sometimes it’s just a long walk/run outside. I always spend 20-30 minutes stretching and doing yoga at the end of the workout.

7:30pm – Time to shower!

8pm – Dinnertime! I love dinnertime and usually keep it pretty simple. My more elaborate meals typically happen at lunch because I have more energy during the day than in the evening.

9pm – Time to relax by watching some TV or reading a book.

12:30am – I usually go to bed at around 12:30am, sometimes a little later. My sleep schedule is definitely suffering during quarantine.

And the cycle repeats! I’m not sure if this was interesting at all for you, but in two years when I look back at this post, I’m going to remember this time. Thank you for humoring me and reading. ❤


Thank you for reading! What does your day typically look like? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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