Going Back in Time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Last year I took a roadtrip from Washington D.C. to Tucson, AZ, and made a spontaneous stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was on my bucket list and I am so glad that I made the stop. I only had a couple of hours to stop, so I was only able to see the Liberty Bell and walk Independence National Historic Park, but what I saw was absolutely incredible!

Basically everything in Independence National Historic Park is free… but parking is not. There is no parking for the National Park, so you must find parking nearby and walk.

If you decide to go to Independence National Park, I highly recommend trying to plan a little in advance. I literally decided to stop as I was driving through Philadelphia so I had no plans whatsoever. However, if you plan in advance and arrive early, then you can reserve tickets to visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other historic sites in the area at the Independence Visitor Center. It’s all free (some museums request tour donations), but you do have to either reserve tickets or arrive early. Plus, I visited in the summertime, which is the park’s busiest season.


Luckily, I was able to snag a ticket to visit the Liberty Bell, which was incredible!


When you go to see the Liberty Bell, there is a museum that you walk through with a “Liberty Bell through the decades” theme with mini exhibits and photographs.

Eventually you walk your way to the bell itself. I love history, so I thought that seeing the Liberty Bell was absolutely incredible.

Close-up on the front of the Bell
The Bell and I

In the background of the Liberty Bell is Independence Hall, which is absolutely incredible.

(Please excuse my incorrect exposures!)

Independence Hall is beautiful but unfortunately tickets were all sold out for the day during my visit, so I wasn’t able to go inside. (That’s where grabbing tickets in advance helps!)




Around the Independence National Historic Park are various old buildings, like the First Bank of the United States,

First Bank

American Philosophical Society Building (established by Benjamin Franklin),

Old Town Hall,

First City Tavern,

First City Tavern

and Second National Bank.

That’s basically all the time I had in Philadelphia and could see that day. Overall, I’m very happy with my visit to Independence National Historic Park. I would love to go back and actually go inside Independence Hall and visit the other sites, and I would love to explore Philadelphia more. It’s on my bucket list!


Thank you for reading! Have you ever visited Independence National Park? Do you want to?? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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