5 Interesting Things to Do and Places to See in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most magical and mystical places to hike.


The tourism industry in Sedona claims that there are giant vortex’s of energy and other mystical things that you can feel as you hike.

1) Hike Devil’s Bridge!

The Devil’s Bridge trail is 4.2 miles round-trip hike that leads to a beautiful natural sandstone arch. It tends to get quite busy, however, it is a very intriguing place to visit! If you want to go on top of the bridge, you must steel your nerves because if you make one wrong step, you might fall off!


2) Hike Bell Rock 

The Bell Rock hike section is 3.6 miles one-way, but it’s recommended to park at the Courthouse Vista parking area and just do the first 1.5 miles and return the same way. My family enjoys hiking, so we tend to do the full hike. But, hiking to Bell Rock is always fun! It’s quite an interesting rock structure that actually looks like the name suggests — a bell!

My uncle and I on our way to Bell Rock
Somewhere up the Bell Rock hike

3) Visit Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is a short drive from central Sedona. The hikes to the water and main riverways are fairly quick and easy. The park gets quite busy in the warmer months, but it is a fun place to visit. Many people bring their swimsuits and swim in the water or, like the name suggests like Bell Rock, slide down certain patches of rock. The water is absolutely FREEZING, but feels kind of nice if you’re really hot. Along with the main waterway hikes, there are several little trails if you want to wander around the park.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any photos from my Slide Rock adventures — my apologies!

4) Jeep ride around Sedona

There are several companies that offer Jeep rides that range in price, and I do recommend checking one out! It’s a really fun way to explore the red rock, especially if you’re not particularly inclined to hike. You get to see places that you might not have otherwise seen on foot.



5) Cow Pies Hikes!

The flat, smooth patches of rock are notoriously called “Cow pies” or “cow patties.” You’ll often times find couples getting married or photos on these cow pies. They’re easily seen via Jeep rides or sometimes in the valley’s of red rock. There is the Cow Pies Hike, which is about 2.5 miles round-trip. It is a challenging hike for those who want to explore a more unknown location of Sedona.



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