Snorkeling and Maui Beach Sunsets! Hawaii, Day 4

I went to Hawaii! Hawaii is actually paradise and this trip was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. This is the fourth day of my week-long adventure, so be sure to read about my first few days in Hawaii and check back in soon for the upcoming posts of my adventure!

My fourth day in Maui, Hawaii, was my last full day on the island and I spent the day snorkeling and relaxing at the beach.


I had gone snorkeling the day before and found that the best beaches in Maui near where I was staying were in the Wailea-Makena beach areas. I headed to the Wailea area, about 15 minutes from my hotel in Kihei, and ended up at Po‘olenalena Beach. There is public parking on a dirt patch at the beach park and I recommend parking there if you can. Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms at this beach. It’s best to go snorkeling earlier because you get your pick of parking and spot on the beach. It’s also best to go snorkeling in the morning because the waves are calmer and the water is clearer, so you can see more.


You can rent a snorkel for a day at various locations throughout Maui with varying prices, starting at about $2.50 a day if you only want the snorkel and no fins. I bought a snorkel from Wal-Mart back home on the mainland for $15 and brought it with me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many photos of my snorkeling experience, so all I have for you are post-snorkeling snapshots.



After a shower, I headed back to Lahaina (see my second day in Hawaii post for more information!) for an early dinner.

I went to the Penne Pasta Cafe and order their pesto dish, which was quite delicious. I recommend it if you’re searching for an Italian restaurant in Lahaina. It’s a bit off the main street in Lahaina, but still easily within walking distance.

After dinner, I took more photos at the old Banyan Tree and walked around the tiny beach town. I bought some gifts and trinkets for my family at some of the local shops.



After shopping, I headed home for one last Maui sunset. The sunsets on Maui were absolutely beautiful and never disappointed.



I bought some shaved ice at a nearby food truck for $5 and ate it on the beach to watch the sunset.



And that’s it for day four of my Hawaii adventures! Please check back in soon for my next post!


Thank you for reading! Have you ever visited Maui? Do you want to?? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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