Snorkeling and Hiking at Haleakala National Park! Hawaii, Day 3

I went to Hawaii! Hawaii is actually paradise and this trip was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. This is the third day of my week-long adventure, so be sure to read about my first few days in Hawaii and check back in soon for the upcoming posts of my adventure!

I awoke early on the third day of my trip rejuvenating and excited to explore Maui. I quickly put on my swimsuit, grabbed my snorkel and ran out the door.

You can rent a snorkel for a day at various locations throughout Maui with varying prices, starting at about $2.50 a day if you only want the snorkel and no fins. I bought a snorkel from Wal-Mart back home on the mainland for $15 and brought it with me.

I searched for the best beaches on Maui near me and the Wailea-Makena beach areas were listed as the best. So, I headed to Makena, about 15 minutes from my hotel in Kihei, and ended up at Maluaka Beach. There is public parking and restrooms about a 5 minute walk from the beach itself, and I recommend parking there if you can. It’s best to go snorkeling earlier because you get your pick of parking and spot on the beach. It’s also best to go snorkeling in the morning because the waves are calmer and the water is clearer, so you can see more.

This was my first experience snorkeling EVER and I went by myself. However, I was never in the water by myself because there were always at least one or two other people snorkeling nearby. The beach definitely wasn’t busy and there weren’t too many other people snorkeling, but I felt safe in the water and leaving my stuff on the beach unattended.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many photos of my snorkeling experience, so all I have for you is a post-snorkeling snapshot!

Post-snorkeling photo, goggle lines on my face included!

After snorkeling, I showered and grabbed a quick lunch at Safeway before heading to Haleakala National Park for a hike to a waterfall on the Pipiwai Trail.

Now, to get to Haleakala National Park you must take the road to Hana. When I Googled how to get to the Pipiwai Trail, it didn’t take me on the normal road to Hana… it took me on the back road. I DO NOT recommend taking the back road to Hana to anyone! It is a dangerous, narrow one-way road with many stretches of dirt and cliffs on one side. I was driving alone and my nerves were shot for the entire day. I won’t go on about how terrifying and dangerous this road is, but please just don’t ever take it. Take the normal, paved road to Hana (which is still one of the most dangerous roads in America).



After taking 2.5 hours to go 64 miles, I finally made it to Haleakala!


When I arrived at the park, I had to pay $25 for a three-day pass at Haleakala, even though I was only planning on going to the park one day. There is paved parking and overflow unpaved parking at the Visitor Center.

Fortunately, when I arrived I asked the park ranger if the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o was open, she said yes! The pools had been closed to visitors for the past few months for safety reasons. To get to the sacred pools, it is a very quick and easy 0.5 mile looping hike, but it does require going down stairs and climbing over rocks in order to get to the actual pools.




After visiting the pools, I headed on the approx. 4 mile (round-trip) Pipiwai Trail hike.



The hike leads you to an old Banyan tree, falls at Makahiku, and a bamboo forest. The hike is quite challenging at times. While there are bridges over water and a stairway through the bamboo forest that is really easy, there are also a lot of steps and climbing over tree roots or down rocks.



The views on the trail are absolutely beautiful!


Finally, I made it to the absolutely beautiful Waimoku Falls! If you want to go to the base of the falls, you have to go past the sign that specifically says “don’t go beyond this point.” There’s a little trail made from the thousands of other people who have gone there. I wasn’t the only one who went to the base of the falls. Many people went underneath the falls to get a photo, but there isn’t a pool to swim in. I sat for a while and put my feet in the quite chilly water to cool down.



I didn’t need mosquito repellent during my hike, which I was concerned about, but I did need plenty of water! It was very hot and humid in the park and I drank all of my water on the hike.

On my way home, there was another absolutely beautiful sunset that I stopped and pulled over to admire.



And that’s it for day three of my Hawaii adventures! Please check back in soon for my next post!


Thank you for reading! Have you ever visited Maui? Do you want to?? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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