Donating My Hair!

I’ve donated my hair!

This is something that’s been on my bucket list for years. So, since I’m young, healthy and able to take care of long hair, I decided to grow out my hair with the intention of donating it.

It took me about two to three years to grow out my hair to about the middle of my back. I think that I only cut it once or twice in those few years while I was growing it out, so by the time that I was getting ready to cut it, my hair was pretty dry with several split ends.


I chose to donate my hair to the non-profit Children with Hair Loss (CWHL), based out of California. After some research into organizations that take donated hair to give to those with hair loss, I decided on CWHL. I had been debating between Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids and a few other organizations. I decided on CWHL because they accept hair with an 8-inch minimum length, dyed hair, gray hair, split ends, and most importantly — they give their wigs to children for free! Organizations like Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids have stricter rules on who can get the wigs, wig price and selling non-usable hair for profit. This article I read from Business Insider provided me with a lot of insight into the hair donation process and things to consider when donating hair.

For CWHL and most organizations, you can get your hair cut anywhere and you just mail in the hair. I went to a local hair stylist in town and told her that I was cutting my hair to donate and she was totally fine with putting my hair in ponytails and cutting it in one big chunk.

That ponytail is 13 inches long!

In all, I cut off 13 inches of hair!

It was quite a shock to hear the scissors cutting through my long locks and then to feel the short hair. I have a crazy video of my stylist cutting through the hair and my reaction to getting it cut.

I absolutely love short hair! I think that it suits me and my personality best, so I was thrilled to cut off all my hair!

My new short haircut!

I’m so excited to mail my hair into Children with Hair Loss and help a child get a beautiful wig!


Thank you for reading! Have you ever donated hair or are you considering donating? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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