Why Having a Puppy is Worth It.

Appreciation post for my puppy and everyone lucky enough to have a puppy in their life ❤

Raising a dog is a lot of work. They demand your attention 95% of the time, and the remaining 5% is only when they’re sleeping. Generally, you can’t even go to the bathroom without them following you into the room or having them paw at the door. But it’s because they love you.

Dogs love you in such a genuine and unconditional way. If you’re having a terrible day, coming home to a ball of fluff who is so ecstatic to see you is a welcome sight. If you pet a dog, even for the briefest of moments, their tails will wag and they will beg you for more.

I currently have a little shih tzu named Ginger in my life and she is so sweet. Whenever I come home from trips, she literally vibrates with excitement. She sleeps at my feet at night and licks my face in the morning to wake me up, which is both annoying and sweet at the same time. Ginger loves belly rubs and running around the yard chasing birds.

Belly rubs and cuddles

Ginger also smells 30 minutes after you give her a bath and uncontrollably licks your face at the most obnoxious of times. She chews up anything you leave on the floor or eats any food you leave where she can reach it (that’s partly our fault and lack of training her, but we know and acknowledge that). And, of course, dogs also require you to pick up their poop in the yard for the cleanliness and health of your yard and dog.

Potty training a dog is the worst and most challenging part, but that’s the same challenge with a child, too, so I can’t fault them for that. In many ways, having a dog and a child are very similar. They require lots of attention and affection, daily food and water, exercise, and millions of other tasks.

I became one of those dog mom’s that bakes treats for their dogs, but she loved them!

Having a cat is much simpler because while they also require daily food and water, they will typically decide when they want love, attention, and exercise (which isn’t a lot). I would say that I relate to cats more, but I love both animals equally.

Thankful for my puppy

Regardless of the challenges of raising a puppy or the simpler life of having a cat, dogs are your best friend — honestly!

There have been so many times that I’ve come home in the worst mood and all I need is a snuggle into my pup’s fur and a lick on the cheek to make be feel a little better. Watching her twitch and bark in the sleep makes me involuntarily smile, and seeing her in the house running around like a crazy lady after a bath gets me laughing hysterically. Simply seeing Ginger makes me happier. She is my stress and anxiety relief, my source of daily smiles and laughter.

Regardless of whether you are a cat or a dog or a snake or hamster or bird or whatever-type-of-animal-you-like person, you should have a dog at leave once in your life. It teaches you what unconditional loyalty and love is. It shows you what it means to truly enjoy being in the company of another creature. It shows that no matter what type of day you’re having, it can always get better. And, one could argue most importantly, having a dog shows you what it is like to love someone no matter their physical appearance. A dog, or any animal, doesn’t care what your hair or makeup looks like, what color skin tone you have, or what your body shape it. A dog will love you no matter what, no questions asked and no strings attached (unless you count a leash!).

My puppy ❤

Now, I must give a disclaimer: I am an animal person so I may be biased. I love animals of all kinds. I’ve had cats, dogs, fish, parakeets, and a hamster thus far in my lifetime. I would love to get a turtle or tortoise and a parrot, and many other animals. In fact, I would love to open a shelter for animals of all kinds and give them the love that they deserve.


Thank you for reading! Have you ever been lucky enough to have a special dog in your life? Let me know and like this post, and comment below your favorite and funniest dog (or animal) related story!




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