Why Having a Puppy is Worth It.

Appreciation post for my puppy and everyone lucky enough to have a puppy in their life โค Raising a dog is a lot of work. They demand your attention 95% of the time, and the remaining 5% is only when they’re sleeping. Generally, you can’t even go to the bathroom without them following you into the room or having them paw at the door. But … Continue reading Why Having a Puppy is Worth It.

Science at Tumamoc Hill

Hello everyone! I am currently in a multimedia class for my journalism degree and I produced this video about Tumamoc Hill, a small little hill located southwest of downtown Tucson. The video is a little rough around the edges and my camera isn’t the best at video, but I’m still learning. I’ve also written a conjoining story to go along with the video, in case … Continue reading Science at Tumamoc Hill