Thrills at Six Flags America, Maryland

I went to Six Flags America and it was so much fun!

My old officemate gave me a free ticket to the amusement park since she is a part of a coaster association, so I am very thankful for that. Buying tickets at the gate cost $70, but if you buy tickets online during summer you can get tickets for about $42. They also have season passes and other ticketing options on their website. If I was staying in the area for longer, I would probably have gotten a season pass.

There is tons of parking for the park, however, it was $20. Visitors who have season passes can get seasonal parking, but since I was there for a day trip, it was $20.

Along with Six Flags America, the amusement park has Hurricane Harbor, which is their water park. I am not particularly a huge fan of water parks so I did not spend any time in this park. I exclusively stayed in Six Flags America.

Six Flags open at around 10:30am and close at 9pm. I highly recommend going to the park right as it opens and getting in all of the top rides early. There was a fairly long line to get through security in the morning but it wasn’t too terrible. I brought a small bag that they checked and an empty reusable water bottle, which they allowed me to bring in.

Tip: I highly recommend bringing a reusable water bottle! This way you don’t have to buy disposable water, which costs money and is unnecessary pollution.

What was amazing about my trip was that I was able to get on every single major ride between 11am and 1pm — and some of them I rode multiple times! It was mid-July and I was able to just walk right onto the rides. The longest I had to wait in line was probably 15 minutes, and that was after 1pm. Having grown up going to amusement parks in California (like Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain), where the lines for rides can be longer than an hour and a half, this was astounding to me.

My first ride was Rajin’ Cajun, which is a small little ride with lots of spinning and no inverts. I felt kind of dizzy after this ride, which I found surprising and really enjoyed. The lines for this ride are longer because there are five cars that seat anywhere from 1 to 5 riders.

My next ride was Fireball. Fireball is basically a giant circle that loops riders around for a few minutes. I walked right onto this ride and sat in a front car and had the entire ride to myself (literally). I enjoyed it so much I went back for a second time later in the day.

After Fireball came The Wild One. The Wild One is a wooden coaster and my officemate’s favorite. I am often times skeptical of wooden coasters because I dislike the extreme jerkiness. However, I found The Wild One fairly smooth and it goes so fast! I think that it’s top speed is 80mph and it reaches heights of little over 90 feet. I rode this ride two or three times, which is extremely surprising to me considering how much I typically dislike wooden roller coasters.

The favorite ride of many Six Flags America visitors is Superman. It traditionally (supposedly) has a long line, but it did not have any line when I was there. I ended up riding this ride FOUR times! Two times, twice in a row. Superman has a giant drop at the beginning and several loops where riders pull a few G’s, but there are no inverts. It was probably my favorite ride at Six Flags America.


Superman and I

Batwing was sadly closed during my trip to Six Flags America, but it looked really cool when I walked by and I really wished that I could have ridden it. It probably would have been my favorite ride.

Joker’s Jinx

Next came Joker’s Jinx. It is a ride with lots of loops, inverts, and turns. When the ride first begins, it shoots the cars off at a high speed and gives riders a thrill. But once it starts on the turns and loops, it significantly slowed down and was a pretty smooth ride. I rode Joker’s Jinx twice in a row.

Apocalypse came next and I can honestly say that it was my least favorite ride. It is one of those rides where riders are standing the entire ride. It was quite jerky and during inverts, you slam into the seat and it hurts the… *bits* (which I am sure is true for males and females).

Maybe tied for least favorite is Roar. Roar is a wooden coaster and it epitomized everything I don’t like about wooden coasters. It was jerky and my head hurt when I got off. I simply don’t like those types of wooden coasters, but if you do — then you’ll love Roar.


The last of the major roller coasters is Mind Eraser. Mind Eraser is a seated coaster that inverts, twirls, spins, etc. and riders get a couple of G’s. It wasn’t my favorite ride and I only rode it once, but did enjoy it the one time.

When I completed all of these rides, it was about 1pm and it was getting hot, so I rode the water ride Renegade Rapids. It is basically a lazy river that splashes riders in a giant raft. You have to carry your stuff on it, so I made sure that my purse didn’t get wet.

Tip: If you plan on riding water rides, I would bring a plastic bag to carry your phone and/or a larger bag to put your entire purse/bag in.

A little wet and cooled off, I watched the stunt show “Race for Riches.” It is a funny Southwestern-style show that features four stuntmen and women acting as realty agents. They race to find a deed for this run-down Southwestern town that the actors hope to renovate into a “modern” city or something like that. It was funny and you can meet the actors afterwards. It plays three times a day at Six Flags America.

“Rags to Riches” stuntshow

Right next to the theater is Shipwreck Falls, a water ride. Unlike Renegade Rapids, Shipwreck Falls looked like an extreme water ride that soaked riders. Not being the biggest fan of water rides and not wanting to walk around in wet shoes and undies, I did not ride Shipwreck Falls. If it was a little hotter, then I might have.

Yum! Funnel cake.

At this point in the day, I had ridden every single coaster in Six Flags America and I was hungry. So I got a healthy lunch of funnel cake. I love funnel cake. It’s so delicious. I highly recommend it. Mine was a huge plateful (that’s the standard size) and it was around $8.50.

I walked around the Looney Toons Movie Town for a bit (it’s the kids section of the park) after lunch, not wanting to go on a ride right after eating. There was an adorable dancing show in the Movie Town theater featuring all of the Looney Toons characters. The characters brought little kids up on stage to dance with them and it was so cute! Looney Toons characters can also be found throughout the park at various times throughout the day posing for pictures with visitors.

I made my way back to the Mardi Gras section of Six Flags and rode Rajin’ Cajun, Fireball, and The Wild One… again. I also went on Voodoo Drop, which I was disappointed in because it is very small. The drop is quite short and slow, but the other riders around me seemed to enjoy it. I circled back through Gotham City and went to Superman, which I rode twice more (making my total for the ride four times).

Wonder Woman’s “Lasso of Truth”

As I walked by, I saw Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth swing ride. I typically don’t ride those giant swing rides because I find them kind of boring, but I went on it because I figured why not. I ended up really enjoying it because it takes riders up high and it swings fast — faster than I expected.

Finally,  I went on the Tea Cups. I like the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland and rode it for nostalgia reasons. This ride is just like the ride at Disneyland and I spun myself faster than any of the other riders.

Tea cups

By this time it was about 4pm and I was parched so I bought an ICEE. It was huge (24oz) and cost about $8.50. Too expensive, if you ask me. I saw down for a bit to drink it and that’s when I lost all of my energy and began to feel sick. I’ve never felt sick from riding roller coasters — ever. But, I think that ride after ride after ride finally got to me, along with being outside for five hours in the humidity and heat. It was a nice day, but it was in the low 90’s and I got a little sunburnt. I had been drinking plenty of water because you can go to any vendor and ask them to fill up your water bottle for free. But I had ridden every ride — many more than once — and I was alone so I began to get bored. I’d never had an amusement park experience like this before, where I got bored with being at the park. Eventually, after 5 hours at Six Flags America and riding roller coasters a grand total of about 20 times, I decided to go home — where I promptly took a nap.


Thank you for reading! Have you ever been to Six Flags America? What is your favorite ride? Let me know in the comments below and like this post if you want more like it!




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