Upcoming Adventures

Hello and welcome!

Living in Maryland just 30 minutes outside of Washington D.C., I’m going to be having tons of adventures in the D.C. area. I plan to go to the National Archives, National Air and Space Museum, National Arboretum, and so many other museums and parks. Hopefully I will travel to New York City, as well as Niagara Falls, in the next few months so fingers crossed I’ll make both places during my stay in Maryland! Coming up soon is the cherry blossom festival, which I’m so excited for — keep an eye out for that upcoming post!

May is going to be such a crazy month for me. In the span of a month, I will be travelling to Spokane, Wash., and Tucson, Ariz., and San Francisco, Calif.! I have been to each of these places before but every time is a new adventure. These trips will create lots of content for me so let me know what you would like me to focus on during my trips!




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